• Our customer service team to your questions and concerns.

    Customer service is the support that you offer to customers, before and after purchasing and using your products or services, that makes their experience with your business easy and fun. We try to provide excellent customer service, we know it is important. It has to be like a team sport, involving much more than a …

  • Parts of tobacco leaves.

    Leaf: it is the basic organ of the plant that performs photosynthesis. The density varies for different types of tobacco leaves. Stem: It is the axis of the organ and the general aerial part of the cormophytes that holds the leaf. The stem is erect, round in section, with many sticky hairs. Fruit: The tobacco …

  • Classification according to the position of the leaves on the stem.

    From the bottom up, the leaves are collected at regular intervals, allowing time between collections to allow the plant to develop the remaining leaves. The dates given are close to the collection of the tobacco leaves. Crown: Corresponds to the last two leaves developed on the tobacco stem. Harvesting takes place between 80 and 85 …

  • Manual and electrical machines and spare parts.

    Our machines have an aluminum structure and are equipped with a stainless steel insert that facilitates the introduction of, for example, small sheets or other loose material in the cutting rollers. Our offer also includes machines with different external dimensions and available capacity.

  • Soils for the harvest of tobacco leaves.

    Virginia tobacco requires sandy soils with low fertility and good drainage. Tobacco reproduces through seeds. In autumn it is very convenient to prepare by fertilizing the soil where the tobacco will be transplanted the following spring. Good drainage is the primary issue for soil conditions. Moisture on the surface is a very important agent in …

  • Where are tobacco leaves grown and where do they come from?

    Tobacco leaves are an agricultural product with the scientific name Nicotiana tabacum. Its origin began in the American continent, from there to Europe in the 16th century, and later to other parts of the world. The main most common tobacco leaves on the market are: Virginia; Burley; Oriental, although it has many consumption and utility …

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