African Virginia Class I – 1/Kg


African Virginia Class I, better known as (African Virginia), has a low level of nicotine and a high level of sugar. It can vary in hue, depending on the vintage. Humidity from 9 to 21%.


Quantity Price / kg
From 1kg to 4kg 18,20€
From 5kg to 9kg 17,70€
From 10kg to 19kg 17,00€
From 20kg to 49kg 16,50€
From 50kg to 99kg 16,00€
From 100kg 15,50€

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Virginia is a naturally grown leaf that has a high percentage of sugar and nitrogen. This increases if the leaf is harvested at an advanced stage of maturity. In this offer we find the Class I African Virginia leaf, it is another variation within the Virginia leaves. This leaf has a light medium yellow color.

Weight 1 kg
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